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Our Top 5 Must Visit Midwest Lakes!

We had a blast back this fall thinking about our favorite lakes in the Northeast—so much so that we decided to give it a second go, this time focusing out our beloved Midwest.  Arguably the king of American boating culture, the Midwestern region’s lakes offer a stunning array of possibilities for on-the-water fun. The geography of the region lends itself to giant watersheds filled with the perfect combination of motorboat-friendly open water plus protected coves and bays and shallow rivers connecting them all together.  There’s just nothing else like it in the country, and we’re excited to share our favorites - read on for our top 5 Midwest Lakes to visit!

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Q&A with Rudder USA Founder Nicole Anderson

Can you give us some details on your background and why you founded Rudder USA? I am currently 23 years old and received my degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Leeds School of Business in 2019. I went to school for marketing and entrepreneurship.  I grew up surrounded by go-getters and a handful of entrepreneurs. Starting from my great-grandpa, the entrepreneurial spirit has been passed down through my family for generations. Growing up, I had a father who started a business and a mother who also started one, so I was surrounded by that sort of environment from the get-go. When thinking about my future, I always envisioned creating a brand from the ground up and continuing in...

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