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Brands We Love: Dog On The Bay

It should not come as a shock when we tell you that at Rudder USA, we love dogs. They are our Co-Captains, our companions, our biggest fans, and our buddies who day-after-day bring us endless amounts of joy and happiness. Dogs are symbolic of friendship and family and not much else gives us that All-American feeling like when you're hanging out with your pooch by the water. 

It's important to us to support other brands that take pride in entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, supporting domestic jobs, and working hard to make way for their own American Dream. That is why we love Dog On The Bay. 

Dog On The Bay is for the preppy dogs, handcrafted in limited quantities in the USA along the coast of Florida. What we think is extra special is that with every purchase, they donate supplies to local rescue shelters and we think that's pretty amazing.

Not only is Dog On The Bay a company that is packed with creativity and passion, but they are also an American made business started by fellow female entrepreneurs. Ashley, the daughter in the Co-Founder duo, explains the business in her own words, saying: 

"As a dog mom of three rescue pups, I started Dog On The Bay alongside my mom, Sandi, as a way to give back to shelters that help place pets with loving families. Each one of our dogs — Delilah, Bogart and Collinsworth, or as we call them at home Dil, Bo & Co — has such a unique story of abandonment and rescue that drives our passion and our why. And now today, they're all living their best classic American lifestyle. Sandi is a seamstress by trade and handcrafts each product. I have a dual degree MBA and Masters in Marketing and am a partner of a local agency here in Southwest Florida. Naturally, working together as a mother-daughter duo doing what we love just made sense. Dog On The Bay supports rescue animals and gives my mom and I quality time together, and for that, we wouldn't trade it for a thing. :)"

Below we have a photo of the mother-daughter duo enjoying their time at the beach.☀️

We are happy to have partnered with Dog On The Bay in a photoshoot with our Co-Captain's T Shirt. In our photos you can see that I (Nicole) am alongside my mother's dog, Roscoe, sporting their Seaport Plaid Scrunchie and Dog Bandana Set

We had so much fun getting dressed up and heading out to the lake to snap some photos of this super cute matching set. The bandanas are soft yet sturdy enough to withstand falling off of your dog while they play, swim, or roll around in the grass. We found this to be true because Roscoe did in fact get a wild case of the "zoomies" in the middle of our shoot, and the bandana stayed on! The elastic of the scrunchie is also perfect for holding your hair back during boat rides. If you're anything like me, I have trouble finding hair ties that will hold my hair together while experiencing the impacts of cruising across the water, and this scrunchie worked like a charm. 

This set is not only functional, but is also stylish, and we'd say it's dog approved! Just look at this face, Roscoe gives the set the stamp of approval :) 


We wanted to highlight some of their other items that we absolutely love! While browsing through their website, we knew we needed to share these with you: 

1. The Carolina Picnic Dog Bandana

2. The Classic Crab Chambray Dog Bandana

3. The All American Bow Tie Collar (swoon!) 

4. The Nemo Scrunchie and Dog Bandana Set (on sale!!) 


Read what they have to say about Rudder USA at:

Check out Dog On The Bay: 




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