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We Honor The Boat.

"Honor The Boat" 

We can see how it may sound silly. It may make you laugh due to its sincere connotation, or you may think it sounds like you're obeying the honor code at school. You may not understand why we relate so closely to the phrase or why we decorate our clothes with it, and that's okay. But, on the contrary, you might fully understand... and chances are, if you're reading this, you get it. 

Falling in love with boating starts with the first boat ride. You may not remember it if you were young, but if you're here reading this, subconsciously nodding your head in agreement, chances are you were hooked from the beginning. It's the waves gently rocking you back and forth. It's how the wind feels like freedom when offshore. It's the euphoric thrill, like you're truly living, that you experience only when out on the water. It's an unwritten language. A common understanding. 

Rudder USA was born in an environment that beams with boating culture. Here, it's understandable if you're late due to being stuck behind a 40-foot Sea Ray cabin-cruiser that's being pulled for the season, and saving all of your vacation days for the summertime is usually the smart thing to do. Saying "No." (without good reason) to an invitation on a friend's boat is considered offensive, and before you know it you'll be able to identify people on the water by their boat. Waking up has never been so easy when there are winds to sail, fish to catch, and new waters to explore. Here, you understand that it's best to pack your boat bag for the whole day, and yes, that includes multiple towels, a hairbrush, and a cozy sweatshirt for your night-cruise home. 

Boating culture here pulses through our day-to-day lives, and for that we feel incredibly lucky. Lucky to experience a July moon reflecting so brightly off the waves that lights aren't necessary to navigate home. Lucky to have a choice between taking either the boat or the car to a friend's house across the bay. Lucky to have the water, boats, and way of life create common ground with the people around us.

Whether you'd do anything to hear a sail hoisted in the morning, or you dream of the scent of gasoline in a starting engine, you get it. It isn't something that rests lightly in your everyday life, boating grows in your soul - always piping up and saying hello. It'll make you restless and before you know it you'll find yourself googling the Farmers Almanack in the middle of January to scope out this year's ice-out date... Too far? Maybe that's just us. 

Rudder USA Dockside Crewneck Sweater. Preppy crewneck sweater perfect for the boat. Rudder USA logo on left chest.

Rudder USA is for the Skippers and All-American dream chasers. We're for the work-hard to play-hard go getters. We're for the sun kissed, wind-blown, good-time seeking people out there that share our love for boats. We are boat people curating this brand for other boat people, and like you, we Honor The Boat.

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