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Sharing your Superpower

At Rudder USA we pride ourselves on being a brand that encourages making happy memories, savoring the feel-good moments in life, and connecting with others through a mutual love of being on & around the water (preferably on a boat of course).  Given the circumstances of the last few years, it has become common to feel down in the dumps. Whether this is the case for you, or not, we are here to cheer you up!

We have partnered with Erin Bury, and I (Nicole Anderson), have asked Erin to introduce herself in her own words: 

"Hello! My name is Erin Bury and I am a competitive swimmer and sailor. I swim short course yards and open water. I sail catamarans and iceboats. My superpower - I git after it. Sometimes “it” is mellow (writing for this blog), other times “it” is spicy (sailing across the ice at 50 mph). I am thoughtful, ambitious, and a whole lot of other amazing qualities."

When first meeting Erin, we knew her hobbies and passions aligned perfectly with ours. I mean c'mon... sailing & swimming... she's a water person and we love to see it! Oh, and she is sponsored by REI. Yes, that REI! 

Erin has stepped into the role of North American Junior Secretary for the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association (IDNIYRA). She's currently developing the first ever youth ice sailing program in North America- the only other youth ice sailing program is in Poland! So cool. 

Now that we've introduced you to Erin, we'll get to the good stuff.  We are helping Erin start something called "Honor Your Superpower". Honor Your Superpower is a way for people like us (Boaters, Sailors, Entrepreneurs, All-Americans, Go-Getters, Athletes, (we'll hear from anyone)) to share their "Superpowers" with the world. 

Erin puts it as such: "I invite you to ignore the urge to be humble. We do so much to produce for others and can hesitate to express a desire for recognition. There is this unspoken rule that if we are not humble regarding our contributions, it devalues what we contribute. There is a difference between demanding a “thank you” and saying “Hey, I did the thing, I used my creativity, I am strong, and I did it well.”"

So, we want to hear from you! If you, or someone you know has done something amazing or has a story-worthy Superpower, share it with us! Here's how you share: 

Email: Email Erin at and tell your story. Make sure to include photos if you have any! 

Instagram: Share the Superpower through Instagram stories! If you do this, make sure to tag @erinbury5397 and @rudderusa

We will pick a weekly winner and share their Superpower with you all on both of our our Instagram pages! We want to spread feel-good stories about good people like you, and we are looking forward to hearing about all of the extraordinary things you do. 

Want to know more about Ice Boating? Read our last blog post to learn more! 

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