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The Mutter About Rudder

Consider this a common space where you can discover all things Rudder USA. We want you to have as much access to us as possible, and we love sharing the people who share us. We will be adding to this list as more stories and news pop up, so make sure you stay tuned!
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The Mutter: 

Dog On The Bay

We love this brand because not only do they offer adorable items for you and your furry friend, but they also are female-founded, made in the USA, and donate some of their earnings to an amazing cause. We are so happy to have worked with Dog On The Bay and we really think you should check them out, you'll love them too! You can head over to their website here to learn more about them and shop their adorable dog bandanas and matching scrunchies.

Read their article highlighting Rudder USA here:

Check out our previous article about Dog On The Bay.


Shannon Solt- A Dash of Solt 

Shannon Solt is right up our alley. First of all, she is a Midwest gal. (Hello from Minnesota!) Second, she loves all things coastal and preppy, but with a lake-twist. Again, just like us! She has had her wonderful blog since 2017 and is one of our go-to gals for all things lake-coastal.
Shannon's blog, A Dash of Solt, is a lifestyle blog where you can find classic style, blue and white home decor, learn about Coastal Ohio, and journey with Shannon as she navigates being a Stay at Home Mom. A Dash of Solt hopes to inspire others with a similar coastal aesthetic to embrace their love of timeless fashion and home decor, while also providing a glimpse into the Lake Erie lifestyle. (That was taken from her blog. See, she is a phenomenal blogger!) Make sure to not only check out her Brand Spotlight article about us, but the rest of her blog too. It's worth it.

Read Shannon's article about Rudder USA here:


Mahogany and Chrome

Mahogany & Chrome® is a show dedicated to celebrating classic, wooden power boats and the fascinating characters who hunt them down, restore them, and use them to pursue a classic boating lifestyle centered on fun, friendship, and experiencing the most beautiful shorelines in North America.

We met Mahogany & Chrome® at the Gull Lake Classic last August where they were shooting footage for their 4th episode. The Mahogany & Chrome® team, which consists of Forrest Bryant, David Vickers, and Ty Harcott, took interest in Rudder USA as they believed our brand fit in well with theirs. They interviewed us as we set up our booth and had our very first show! The interview was a blast and it was great chatting and getting to know the Mahogany & Chrome® team. It was so fun meeting our customers in person and finally emerging ourselves in the boating community after being prevented from doing so due to COVID-19. 

Mahogany & Chrome® is a wonderful production that truly captures all elements of classic wood boating, and we think they deserve a subscribe on their Youtube Channel. Their 4th episode dropped last week and it turned out great! The episode highlights us, our home, beautiful boats, and some of the people who are near and dear to us at Rudder USA. 

Watch their 4th episode, The Power of Fun! here:

Tip - Skip to 41:50 to see our segment! 


Woody Boater

Woody Boater is an online platform that's all about wood boats and the amazing community that comes with them. On their website they describe themselves as, "a state of mind, a place to enjoy woody boating when you are not out on your boat, or if you just want to enjoy the world that surrounds these fun classic water crafts.

Right when we launched in August 2020, Woody Boater wrote a wonderful article about our brand and the inspiration behind it. The article drove their readers to our website and we are proud to say that some of our most loyal customers (that are still around today!) came from that single article.  

Read the article here: Woody Boater Article, and make sure to check out the rest of Woody Boater!


Midwest Shore Society

I, Nicole Anderson, had the honor of being interviewed by Midwest Shore Society! Midwest Shore Society is a resource dedicated to Midwest based brands, retailers, and creatives with a coastal influence, just like Rudder USA! 
Listen to the podcast and learn more about Rudder USA, the everyday life of being a business owner, and much more. If you're interested in learning more about Midwest Shore Society, head over to their website here and follow them on Instagram here. If you enjoy the lifestyle and aesthetic of Rudder USA, then you're bound to like the other brands highlighted by Midwest Shore Society! They are doing a great thing by being a common space for likeminded brands to come together and collaborate, and we're happy to promote them whenever we can.

Listen to the podcast:


Chris Craft- The Brass Bell

The Brass Bell is Chris Craft's quarterly magazine that is available to all of their Antique Boat Club members. We had the pleasure of being featured in their second issue in 2021, but unfortunately we are unable to share that feature with the public. The magazine is exclusive to its members, but, if you happen to be one of those members, you can find us in that issue! We're honored to have been featured and shared with such a wonderful boating community. 

Want to check out Chris Craft's Antique Boat Club? You can find information here.

The Advertisements: 

 If you stumble upon any of these magazines, make sure to check out our ads!

The Lake + Company 

The Brass Bell 

Boathouse Magazine




Proud Sponsorships:

We are a proud sponsor of the Land-O-Lakes Classic Boat Club. This club brings likeminded people together through a shared love for boating, just like what we strive to do at Rudder USA. This is the Minnesota + Dakotas Chapter of ACBS, The Antique Classic Boat Society, and this club's members are nothing short of passionate and just fun to be around. 

We sell our gear at both of their shows in late August and early September, and also offer Land-O-Lakes Classic Boat Club T-Shirts and Long Sleeve T-Shirts, which you can find here

Do you live in the area and are interested in learning more about the club? Head over to their website to get all the information you need:

See it for yourself: 

Find our clothes and accessories at Brightwater Clothing & Gear in Excelsior, Minnesota.


Are you interested in selling our products in your store? Head over to the Contact Us page and send us an email! We'd love to chat. 

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